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 lib   Deep Closest Point: Learning Representations for Point Cloud Registration

 lib   Deep Coevolutionary Network: Embedding User and Item Features for Recommendation

 lib   Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Semi-Discrete Frames

 lib   Deep Edge-Aware Saliency Detection

 lib   Deep feature compression for collaborative object detection

 lib   Deep Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis

 lib   Deep Genetic Network

 lib   Deep Image Harmonization

 lib   Deep Learning Estimation of Multi-Tissue Constrained Spherical Deconvolution with Limited Single Shell DW-MRI

 lib   Deep Learning for ECG Classification

 lib   Deep Learning for Energy Markets

 lib   Deep Learning for Medical Image Segmentation

 lib   Deep learning for universal linear embeddings of nonlinear dynamics

 lib   Deep learning generalizes because the parameter-function map is biased towards simple functions

 lib   Deep learning in remote sensing: a review

 lib   Deep Learning-based Hybrid Graph-Coloring Algorithm for Register Allocation

 lib   Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal

 lib   Deep Likelihood Network for Image Restoration with Multiple Degradation Levels

 lib   Deep Multi-Task Learning for Anomalous Driving Detection Using CAN Bus Scalar Sensor Data

 lib   Deep network as memory space: complexity, generalization, disentangled representation and interpretability

 lib   Deep neural networks for single channel source separation

 lib   Deep Q-learning from Demonstrations

 lib   Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Acoustic Modelling

 lib   Deep Reinforcement Learning of Cell Movement in the Early Stage of C. elegans Embryogenesis

 lib   Deep Unsupervised Cardinality Estimation

 lib   DeepChrome: Deep-learning for predicting gene expression from histone modifications

 lib   DeepEnroll: Patient-Trial Matching with Deep Embedding and Entailment Prediction

 lib   DeepSSM: A Deep Learning Framework for Statistical Shape Modeling from Raw Images

 lib   DeepTrax: Embedding Graphs of Financial Transactions

 lib   Defining Relative Likelihood in Partially-Ordered Preferential Structures

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