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 lib   Deep Unsupervised Cardinality Estimation

 lib   DeepChrome: Deep-learning for predicting gene expression from histone modifications

 lib   DeepEnroll: Patient-Trial Matching with Deep Embedding and Entailment Prediction

 lib   DeepSSM: A Deep Learning Framework for Statistical Shape Modeling from Raw Images

 lib   DeepTrax: Embedding Graphs of Financial Transactions

 lib   Defining Relative Likelihood in Partially-Ordered Preferential Structures

 lib   DefogGAN: Predicting Hidden Information in the StarCraft Fog of War with Generative Adversarial Nets

 lib   Deformable Spatial Pyramid Matching for Fast Dense Correspondences

 lib   Deploy Large-Scale Deep Neural Networks in Resource Constrained IoT Devices with Local Quantization Region

 lib   Depthwise Non-local Module for Fast Salient Object Detection Using a Single Thread

 lib   Design of Novel Algorithm and Architecture for Gaussian Based Color Image Enhancement System for Real Time Applications

 lib   Detecting Cyber-Related Discussions in Online Social Platforms

 lib   Detection of Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome based on morphological facial features

 lib   Determining the Characteristic Vocabulary for a Specialized Dictionary using Word2vec and a Directed Crawler

 lib   Developing a Sina Weibo Incident Monitor for Disasters

 lib   Development and Analysis of NLP Pipelines in Argo

 lib   Device-aware inference operations in SONOS nonvolatile memory arrays

 lib   Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using Hybrid Transfer Learning

 lib   Differentiable Causal Computations via Delayed Trace

 lib   Differentiable Graph Module (DGM) Graph Convolutional Networks

 lib   Dilated deeply supervised networks for hippocampus segmentation in MRI

 lib   DirRelCond3: Detecting Textual Entailment Across Languages With Conditions On Directional Text Relatedness Scores

 lib   Disambiguating prepositional phrase attachment sites with sense information captured in contextualized distributional data

 lib   Discovering Conceptual Metaphors using Source Domain Spaces

 lib   Discovering conservation laws from data for control

 lib   Discovering Context Specific Causal Relationships

 lib   Discovering the Compositional Structure of Vector Representations with Role Learning Networks

 lib   Discrete Argument Representation Learning for Interactive Argument Pair Identification

 lib   Discriminative Learning with Natural Annotations: Word Segmentation as a Case Study

 lib   Disease Progression Timeline Estimation for Alzheimer's Disease using Discriminative Event Based Modeling

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