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 lib   Distributed regression modeling for selecting markers under data protection constraints

 lib   Distributed Statistical Estimation and Rates of Convergence in Normal Approximation

 lib   Distributed Training of Deep Neural Networks with Theoretical Analysis: Under SSP Setting

 lib   Diverse feature visualizations reveal invariances in early layers of deep neural networks

 lib   Diversity and Depth in Per-Example Routing Models

 lib   Diversity-Achieving Slow-DropBlock Network for Person Re-Identification

 lib   Do POS Tags Help to Learn Better Morphological Segmentations?

 lib   DR Loss: Improving Object Detection by Distributional Ranking

 lib   Driving in Dense Traffic with Model-Free Reinforcement Learning

 lib   DSKG: A Deep Sequential Model for Knowledge Graph Completion

 lib   Dual Generator Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation

 lib   Dual IV: A Single Stage Instrumental Variable Regression

 lib   Dynamic Frame skip Deep Q Network

 lib   Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds

 lib   Dynamic mode decomposition in vector-valued reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces for extracting dynamical structure among observables

 lib   Dynamic Tensor Clustering

 lib   Early Predictions for Medical Crowdfunding: A Deep Learning Approach Using Diverse Inputs

 lib   ECA: High Dimensional Elliptical Component Analysis in non-Gaussian Distributions

 lib   Ecological Semantics: Programming Environments for Situated Language Understanding

 lib   EDIT: Exemplar-Domain Aware Image-to-Image Translation

 lib   Effective face landmark localization via single deep network

 lib   Effective weakly supervised semantic frame induction using expression sharing in hierarchical hidden Markov models

 lib   Effects of Document Clustering in Modeling Wikipedia-style Term Descriptions

 lib   Efficiency of quantum versus classical annealing in non-convex learning problems

 lib   Efficient and Scalable View Generation from a Single Image using Fully Convolutional Networks

 lib   Efficient Baseline-free Sampling in Parameter Exploring Policy Gradients: Super Symmetric PGPE

 lib   Efficient Large-scale Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on the GPU

 lib   Efficient Likelihood Bayesian Constrained Local Model

 lib   Efficient Moments-based Permutation Tests

 lib   Efficient Online Surface Correction for Real-time Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction

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