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 lib   Evolving Spiking Networks with Variable Resistive Memories

 lib   Exact Expression For Information Distance

 lib   Explanation of Probabilistic Inference for Decision Support Systems

 lib   Exploiting Structure for Fast Kernel Learning

 lib   Exponential Concentration of a Density Functional Estimator

 lib   Extended Graded Modalities in Strategy Logic

 lib   Extensions of Generic DOL for Generic Ontology Design Patterns

 lib   Extra\cc\~ao de Alvos em Coment\'arios de Not\'\icias em Portugu\^es baseada na Teoria da Centraliza\cc\~ao (Target Extraction in News Reviews in Portuguese based on Centering Theory)

 lib   Extracting Factual Min/Max Age Information from Clinical Trial Studies

 lib   Extracting Opinion Targets and Opinion Words from Online Reviews with Graph Co-ranking

 lib   Face Alignment Across Large Poses: A 3D Solution

 lib   Face Alignment with Cascaded Semi-Parametric Deep Greedy Neural Forests

 lib   face anti-spoofing based on color texture analysis

 lib   Face Recognition Techniques: A Survey

 lib   Factorized Inference in Deep Markov Models for Incomplete Multimodal Time Series

 lib   FairVis: Visual Analytics for Discovering Intersectional Bias in Machine Learning

 lib   Falling Things: A Synthetic Dataset for 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation

 lib   Fast and Provably Accurate Bilateral Filtering

 lib   Fast Concept Mention Grouping for Concept Map-based Multi-Document Summarization

 lib   Fast Implementation of Morphological Filtering Using ARM NEON Extension

 lib   Fast Online Training with Frequency-Adaptive Learning Rates for Chinese Word Segmentation and New Word Detection

 lib   FastMMD: Ensemble of Circular Discrepancy for Efficient Two-Sample Test

 lib   FAT-DeepFFM: Field Attentive Deep Field-aware Factorization Machine

 lib   Feature Selection Based on Confidence Machine

 lib   Feature Selection For High-Dimensional Clustering

 lib   Feature selection via simultaneous sparse approximation for person specific face verification

 lib   Federated Learning in Distributed Medical Databases: Meta-Analysis of Large-Scale Subcortical Brain Data

 lib   Few-Shot Object Recognition from Machine-Labeled Web Images

 lib   Finding Action Tubes

 lib   Finding expertise using online community dialogue and the Duality of Expertise

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