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 lib   Fully Unsupervised Crosslingual Semantic Textual Similarity Metric Based on BERT for Identifying Parallel Data

 lib   Function approximation by deep networks

 lib   Function Space Particle Optimization for Bayesian Neural Networks

 lib   Functional Bayesian Neural Networks for Model Uncertainty Quantification

 lib   Fundamental Limits of Online and Distributed Algorithms for Statistical Learning and Estimation

 lib   Fuzzy Clustering Data Given in the Ordinal Scale

 lib   Fuzzy Rankings: Properties and Applications

 lib   GeCoTagger: Annotation of German Verb Complements with Conditional Random Fields

 lib   Generalised framework for multi-criteria method selection

 lib   Generalization of an Upper Bound on the Number of Nodes Needed to Achieve Linear Separability

 lib   Generated Loss and Augmented Training of MNIST VAE

 lib   Generative Adversarial Networks and Conditional Random Fields for Hyperspectral Image Classification

 lib   Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem a historical Review

 lib   Geometrically Mappable Image Features

 lib   GluonTS: Probabilistic Time Series Models in Python

 lib   Goldilocks Neural Networks

 lib   Government Domain Named Entity Recognition for South African Languages

 lib   GP-Localize: Persistent Mobile Robot Localization using Online Sparse Gaussian Process Observation Model

 lib   GPU Memory Management for Deep Neural Networks Using Deep Q-Network

 lib   GPU-Friendly Local Regression for Voice Conversion

 lib   Gradient Descent can Learn Less Over-parameterized Two-layer Neural Networks on Classification Problems

 lib   Gradient Flow Algorithms for Density Propagation in Stochastic Systems

 lib   Gradient-based Training of Slow Feature Analysis by Differentiable Approximate Whitening

 lib   Grammar Induction for Minimalist Grammars using Variational Bayesian Inference : A Technical Report

 lib   Graph Distillation for Action Detection with Privileged Modalities

 lib   Graph Spectral Regularization For Neural Network Interpretability

 lib   Graph-Based Manifold Frequency Analysis for Denoising

 lib   Graph-Based Seed Set Expansion for Relation Extraction Using Random Walk Hitting Times

 lib   GraphIE: A Graph-Based Framework for Information Extraction

 lib   Gromov-Wasserstein Averaging in a Riemannian Framework

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