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 lib   Learning Discriminative Hashing Codes for Cross-Modal Retrieval based on Multi-view Features

 lib   Learning from Multiview Correlations in Open-Domain Videos

 lib   Learning Gating ConvNet for Two-Stream based Methods in Action Recognition

 lib   Learning in Networked Control Systems

 lib   Learning Landmarks from Unaligned Data using Image Translation

 lib   Learning Multi-level Deep Representations for Image Emotion Classification

 lib   Learning Neural Emotion Analysis from 100 Observations: The Surprising Effectiveness of Pre-Trained Word Representations

 lib   Learning Neural Network Policies with Guided Policy Search under Unknown Dynamics

 lib   Learning Neural Random Fields with Inclusive Auxiliary Generators

 lib   Learning Nonlinear State Space Models with Hamiltonian Sequential Monte Carlo Sampler

 lib   Learning Orthogonal Projections in Linear Bandits

 lib   Learning Partially Observable Models Using Temporally Abstract Decision Trees

 lib   Learning Regional Attraction for Line Segment Detection

 lib   Learning Soft-Attention Models for Tempo-invariant Audio-Sheet Music Retrieval

 lib   Learning Structured Perceptrons for Coreference Resolution with Latent Antecedents and Non-local Features

 lib   Learning the Exact Topology of Undirected Consensus Networks

 lib   Learning the Wireless V2I Channels Using Deep Neural Networks

 lib   Learning to Emulate an Expert Projective Cone Scheduler

 lib   Learning to Evaluate Image Captioning

 lib   Learning to Generate Word Representations using Subword Information

 lib   Learning to Identify Patients at Risk of Uncontrolled Hypertension Using Electronic Health Records Data

 lib   Learning to Model the Tail

 lib   Learning to Predict Indoor Illumination from a Single Image

 lib   Learning to Project in Multi-Objective Binary Linear Programming

 lib   Learning to Recognize Objects by Retaining other Factors of Variation

 lib   Learning Topic Representation for SMT with Neural Networks

 lib   Learning walk and trot from the same objective using different types of exploration

 lib   Leishmaniasis Parasite Segmentation and Classification using Deep Learning

 lib   Lending Orientation to Neural Networks for Cross-view Geo-localization

 lib   Leveraging Distributional Semantics for Multi-Label Learning

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