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 lib   Knowledgeable Storyteller: A Commonsense-Driven Generative Model for Visual Storytelling

 lib   KnowNER: Incremental Multilingual Knowledge in Named Entity Recognition

 lib   KPTransfer: improved performance and faster convergence from keypoint subset-wise domain transfer in human pose estimation

 lib   L_1-regularized Boltzmann machine learning using majorizer minimization

 lib   Lane Detection For Prototype Autonomous Vehicle

 lib An Off-the-shelf Language Identification Tool

 lib   Language Modeling Teaches You More Syntax than Translation Does: Lessons Learned Through Auxiliary Task Analysis

 lib   Latent-Space Laplacian Pyramids for Adversarial Representation Learning with 3D Point Clouds

 lib   Layered TPOT: Speeding up Tree-based Pipeline Optimization

 lib   LEARN: Learned Experts' Assessment-based Reconstruction Network for Sparse-data CT

 lib   Learning 3D Object Categories by Looking Around Them

 lib   Learning a Warping Distance from Unlabeled Time Series Using Sequence Autoencoders

 lib   Learning binary or real-valued time-series via spike-timing dependent plasticity

 lib   Learning Discriminative Hashing Codes for Cross-Modal Retrieval based on Multi-view Features

 lib   Learning Domain-Invariant Subspace using Domain Features and Independence Maximization

 lib   Learning eating environments through scene clustering

 lib   Learning from Multiview Correlations in Open-Domain Videos

 lib   Learning in Networked Control Systems

 lib   Learning Landmarks from Unaligned Data using Image Translation

 lib   Learning Neural Emotion Analysis from 100 Observations: The Surprising Effectiveness of Pre-Trained Word Representations

 lib   Learning Neural Network Policies with Guided Policy Search under Unknown Dynamics

 lib   Learning Neural Random Fields with Inclusive Auxiliary Generators

 lib   Learning Nonlinear State Space Models with Hamiltonian Sequential Monte Carlo Sampler

 lib   Learning Orthogonal Projections in Linear Bandits

 lib   Learning Partially Observable Models Using Temporally Abstract Decision Trees

 lib   Learning Regional Attraction for Line Segment Detection

 lib   Learning Soft-Attention Models for Tempo-invariant Audio-Sheet Music Retrieval

 lib   Learning Structured Perceptrons for Coreference Resolution with Latent Antecedents and Non-local Features

 lib   Learning the Dyck Language with Attention-based Seq2Seq Models

 lib   Learning the Exact Topology of Undirected Consensus Networks

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