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 lib   Leveraging Elastic Demand for Forecasting

 lib   Lightly Supervised Learning of Procedural Dialog Systems

 lib   Lightweight Adaptive Mixture of Neural and N-gram Language Models

 lib   Like Partying? Your Face Says It All. Predicting the Ambiance of Places with Profile Pictures

 lib   LIMSI: Learning Semantic Similarity by Selecting Random Word Subsets

 lib   Linguistic Regularities in Continuous Space Word Representations

 lib   Linking Gaussian Process regression with data-driven manifold embeddings for nonlinear data fusion

 lib   Local Consistency and SAT-Solvers

 lib   Logical Inference on Dependency-based Compositional Semantics

 lib   Look, Listen and Learn - A Multimodal LSTM for Speaker Identification

 lib   Looking Ahead: Anticipating Pedestrians Crossing with Future Frames Prediction

 lib   Low-light Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Retinex and Generative Adversarial Network

 lib   Low-Shot Learning from Imaginary Data

 lib   Lower Bounds for Smooth Nonconvex Finite-Sum Optimization

 lib   Machine learning enables completely automatic tuning of a quantum device faster than human experts

 lib   Machine Learning for Hybrid Machine Translation

 lib   Machine-learned solutions for three stages of clinical information extraction: the state of the art at i2b2 2010

 lib   Machine-learning a virus assembly fitness landscape

 lib   Making Neural Machine Reading Comprehension Faster

 lib   Making Sense of Random Forest Probabilities: a Kernel Perspective

 lib   Making up for the deficit in a marathon run

 lib   MaltOptimizer: A System for MaltParser Optimization

 lib   Manifold learning with bi-stochastic kernels

 lib   Mapping Images to Sentiment Adjective Noun Pairs with Factorized Neural Nets

 lib   Margin-based Decomposed Amortized Inference

 lib   Markov Properties for Graphical Models with Cycles and Latent Variables

 lib   Matrix Cofactorization for Joint Representation Learning and Supervised Classification -- Application to Hyperspectral Image Analysis

 lib   Matrix Completion via Max-Norm Constrained Optimization

 lib   Measuring Machine Intelligence Through Visual Question Answering

 lib   Measuring Non-cooperation in Dialogue

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