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 lib   Machine-learning a virus assembly fitness landscape

 lib   Making up for the deficit in a marathon run

 lib   Manifold learning with bi-stochastic kernels

 lib   Mapping Images to Sentiment Adjective Noun Pairs with Factorized Neural Nets

 lib   Margin-based Decomposed Amortized Inference

 lib   Marginal sequential Monte Carlo for doubly intractable models

 lib   Markov Properties for Graphical Models with Cycles and Latent Variables

 lib   Matrix Completion via Max-Norm Constrained Optimization

 lib   MCMC for continuous-time discrete-state systems

 lib   Measuring Machine Intelligence Through Visual Question Answering

 lib   Measuring Non-cooperation in Dialogue

 lib   Measuring Numerical Common Sense: Is A Word Embedding Approach Effective?

 lib   Measuring the Directional Distance Between Fuzzy Sets

 lib   Medical Entity Linking using Triplet Network

 lib   Medical Multimodal Classifiers Under Scarce Data Condition

 lib   Medical Word Embeddings for Spanish: Development and Evaluation

 lib   Medication and Adverse Event Extraction from Noisy Text

 lib   Memetic Algorithms Beat Evolutionary Algorithms on the Class of Hurdle Problems

 lib   Memory Augmented Deep Generative models for Forecasting the Next Shot Location in Tennis

 lib   Metafeatures-based Rule-Extraction for Classifiers on Behavioral and Textual Data

 lib   Minimizing a Sum of Clipped Convex Functions

 lib   Mining Biomedical Publications With The LAPPS Grid

 lib   Mining Measured Information from Text

 lib   Mining Rules Incrementally over Large Knowledge Bases

 lib   Mining User Relations from Online Discussions using Sentiment Analysis and Probabilistic Matrix Factorization

 lib   Mining Worse and Better Opinions. Unsupervised and Agnostic Aggregation of Online Reviews

 lib   Mixed Strategy Game Model Against Data Poisoning Attacks

 lib   Model Order Selection Based on Information Theoretic Criteria: Design of the Penalty

 lib   Modeling Coherence for Discourse Neural Machine Translation

 lib   Modeling Multi-speaker Latent Space to Improve Neural TTS: Quick Enrolling New Speaker and Enhancing Premium Voice

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