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 lib   Measuring the Directional Distance Between Fuzzy Sets

 lib   Medical Entity Linking using Triplet Network

 lib   Medical Multimodal Classifiers Under Scarce Data Condition

 lib   Medical Word Embeddings for Spanish: Development and Evaluation

 lib   Medication and Adverse Event Extraction from Noisy Text

 lib   Memetic Algorithms Beat Evolutionary Algorithms on the Class of Hurdle Problems

 lib   Memory Augmented Deep Generative models for Forecasting the Next Shot Location in Tennis

 lib   Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Time Series Classification

 lib   Microlens array grid estimation, light field decoding, and calibration

 lib   Minimizing a Sum of Clipped Convex Functions

 lib   Mining Biomedical Publications With The LAPPS Grid

 lib   Mining Measured Information from Text

 lib   Mining Rules Incrementally over Large Knowledge Bases

 lib   Mining Worse and Better Opinions. Unsupervised and Agnostic Aggregation of Online Reviews

 lib   Mixed Strategy Game Model Against Data Poisoning Attacks

 lib   Model Order Selection Based on Information Theoretic Criteria: Design of the Penalty

 lib   Model Selection for Anomaly Detection

 lib   Modeling Coherence for Discourse Neural Machine Translation

 lib   Modeling Syntactic and Semantic Structures in Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation

 lib   Monaural Multi-Talker Speech Recognition using Factorial Speech Processing Models

 lib   Monge-Amp\`ere Flow for Generative Modeling

 lib   Monte-Carlo Planning: Theoretically Fast Convergence Meets Practical Efficiency

 lib   Morphometry-Based Longitudinal Neurodegeneration Simulation with MR Imaging

 lib   Mouse Movement and Probabilistic Graphical Models Based E-Learning Activity Recognition Improvement Possibilistic Model

 lib   MULEX: Disentangling Exploitation from Exploration in Deep RL

 lib   Multi Modal Distance - An Approach to Stemma Generation With Weighting

 lib   Multi-Agent Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Self-Powered and Sustainable Edge Computing Systems

 lib   Multi-Document Summarization via Discriminative Summary Reranking

 lib   Multi-Generator Generative Adversarial Nets

 lib   Multi-label Learning for Large Text Corpora using Latent Variable Model with Provable Gurantees

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