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 lib   Multi-modal Probabilistic Prediction of Interactive Behavior via an Interpretable Model

 lib   Multi-Path Feedback Recurrent Neural Network for Scene Parsing

 lib   Multi-Robot Active Information Gathering with Periodic Communication

 lib   Multichannel Sparse Blind Deconvolution on the Sphere

 lib   Multilabel Structured Output Learning with Random Spanning Trees of Max-Margin Markov Networks

 lib   Multilingual Extension of PDTB-Style Annotation: The Case of TED Multilingual Discourse Bank

 lib   Multiple Measurement Vectors Problem: A Decoupling Property and its Applications

 lib   Multivariate Convolutional Sparse Coding with Low Rank Tensor

 lib   Naive Gabor Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification

 lib   Native Language Identification using Phonetic Algorithms

 lib   Natural measures of alignment

 lib   Natural Value Approximators: Learning when to Trust Past Estimates

 lib   NestDNN: Resource-Aware Multi-Tenant On-Device Deep Learning for Continuous Mobile Vision

 lib   Nested cross-validation when selecting classifiers is overzealous for most practical applications

 lib   Network entity characterization and attack prediction

 lib   Neural Comic Style Transfer: Case Study

 lib   Neural networks are a priori biased towards Boolean functions with low entropy

 lib   Neural Post-Editing Based on Quality Estimation

 lib   Neural Separation of Observed and Unobserved Distribution

 lib   Neural Shuffle-Exchange Networks - Sequence Processing in O(n log n) Time

 lib   Neural Shuffle-Exchange Networks -- Sequence Processing in O(n log n) Time

 lib   Neural Vector Conceptualization for Word Vector Space Interpretation

 lib   Neuromemrisitive Architecture of HTM with On-Device Learning and Neurogenesis

 lib   NeuroQuery: comprehensive meta-analysis of human brain mapping

 lib   NLEL UPV Autoritas Participation at Discrimination between Similar Languages (DSL) 2015 Shared Task

 lib   No Press Diplomacy: Modeling Multi-Agent Gameplay

 lib   No, This is not a Circle

 lib   No-Press Diplomacy: Modeling Multi-Agent Gameplay

 lib   Non-asymptotic bounds for percentiles of independent non-identical random variables

 lib   Non-convex Penalty for Tensor Completion and Robust PCA

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