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 lib   Non-destructive three-dimensional measurement of hand vein based on self-supervised network

 lib   Non-Gaussian Component Analysis using Entropy Methods

 lib   Non-Markovian Globally Consistent Multi-Object Tracking

 lib   Nonparametric Bayesian inference on multivariate exponential families

 lib   Nonparametric Bayesian label prediction on a graph

 lib   Not All Areas Are Equal: Transfer Learning for Semantic Segmentation via Hierarchical Region Selection

 lib   Not that much power: Linguistic alignment is influenced more by low-level linguistic features rather than social power

 lib   Note on the bias and variance of variational inference

 lib   Numerical Approaches for Linear Left-invariant Diffusions on SE(2), their Comparison to Exact Solutions, and their Applications in Retinal Imaging

 lib   Object Discovery in Videos as Foreground Motion Clustering

 lib   Off-line vs. On-line Evaluation of Recommender Systems in Small E-commerce

 lib   Offensive Language Analysis using Deep Learning Architecture

 lib   On a Possible Similarity between Gene and Semantic Networks

 lib   On Binary Classification in Extreme Regions

 lib   On Extending Neural Networks with Loss Ensembles for Text Classification

 lib   On Hash-Based Work Distribution Methods for Parallel Best-First Search

 lib   On Strategy Stitching in Large Extensive Form Multiplayer Games

 lib   On the Exponentially Weighted Aggregate with the Laplace Prior

 lib   On Using Monolingual Corpora in Neural Machine Translation

 lib   One Sense per Tweeter ... and Other Lexical Semantic Tales of Twitter

 lib   One-Shot Concept Learning by Simulating Evolutionary Instinct Development

 lib   One-Shot Relational Learning for Knowledge Graphs

 lib   Online Agnostic Boosting via Regret Minimization

 lib   OpenMPR: Recognize Places Using Multimodal Data for People with Visual Impairments

 lib   Optimisation of Large Wave Farms using a Multi-strategy Evolutionary Framework

 lib   Optimistic and Pessimistic Neural Networks for Scene and Object Recognition

 lib   Optimization of Information-Seeking Dialogue Strategy for Argumentation-Based Dialogue System

 lib   Optimization problems with low SWaP tactical Computing

 lib   Optimized Generic Feature Learning for Few-shot Classification across Domains

 lib   Optimizing Auto-correlation for Fast Target Search in Large Search Space

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