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 lib   Quantifying Layerwise Information Discarding of Neural Networks

 lib   Query-Based Abstractive Summarization Using Neural Networks

 lib   Query-Efficient Black-Box Attack by Active Learning

 lib   Question Guided Modular Routing Networks for Visual Question Answering

 lib   Quick Best Action Identification in Linear Bandit Problems

 lib   R2D2: Repeatable and Reliable Detector and Descriptor

 lib   Random Walk Factoid Annotation for Collective Discourse

 lib   Random Walks for Knowledge-Based Word Sense Disambiguation

 lib   Ranking with Features: Algorithm and A Graph Theoretic Analysis

 lib   Rates of Convergence for Sparse Variational Gaussian Process Regression

 lib   Real-time Burst Photo Selection Using a Light-Head Adversarial Network

 lib   Real-Time Energy Disaggregation of a Distribution Feeder's Demand Using Online Learning

 lib   Real-Time Facial Segmentation and Performance Capture from RGB Input

 lib   Real-Time Salient Closed Boundary Tracking via Line Segments Perceptual Grouping

 lib   Real-time tracker with fast recovery from target loss

 lib   Realistic Re-evaluation of Knowledge Graph Completion Methods: An Experimental Study

 lib   Recognizing Textual Entailment using Dependency Analysis and Machine Learning

 lib   Recovering Multiple Nonnegative Time Series From a Few Temporal Aggregates

 lib   Recovery command generation towards automatic recovery in ICT systems by Seq2Seq learning

 lib   Referring to Objects in Videos using Spatio-Temporal Identifying Descriptions

 lib   Regularized Weighted Chebyshev Approximations for Support Estimation

 lib   Regularizing Matrix Factorization with User and Item Embeddings for Recommendation

 lib   Regulating Highly Automated Robot Ecologies: Insights from Three User Studies

 lib   Reliable Deep Grade Prediction with Uncertainty Estimation

 lib   RePort - Um Sistema de Extra\cc\~ao de Informa\cc\~oes Aberta para L\'\ingua Portuguesa (Report - An Open Information Extraction System for Portuguese Language)

 lib   Repository for Reusing Artifacts of Artificial Neural Networks

 lib   Repulsive Mixtures

 lib   Revisiting Causality Inference in Memory-less Transition Networks

 lib   Revisiting Ensembles in an Adversarial Context: Improving Natural Accuracy

 lib   Revisiting Taxonomy Induction over Wikipedia

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