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 lib   RGB and LiDAR fusion based 3D Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving

 lib   Riemannian approach to batch normalization

 lib   RiskFinder: A Sentence-level Risk Detector for Financial Reports

 lib   Robust $k$-means Clustering for Distributions with Two Moments

 lib   Robust Histopathology Image Analysis: To Label or to Synthesize?

 lib   Robust Low-Complexity Randomized Methods for Locating Outliers in Large Matrices

 lib   Robust sketching for multiple square-root LASSO problems

 lib   Rookie: A unique approach for exploring news archives

 lib   RoPAD: Robust Presentation Attack Detection through Unsupervised Adversarial Invariance

 lib   Safe Feature Elimination for Non-Negativity Constrained Convex Optimization

 lib   Salience Rank: Efficient Keyphrase Extraction with Topic Modeling

 lib   Sampling strategies in Siamese Networks for unsupervised speech representation learning

 lib   SB-CH: A Swiss German Corpus with Sentiment Annotations

 lib   Scalable Explanation of Inferences on Large Graphs

 lib   Scalable Inference for Logistic-Normal Topic Models

 lib   Scale Adaptive Clustering of Multiple Structures

 lib   Scaling the Poisson GLM to massive neural datasets through polynomial approximations

 lib   Schema Matching using Machine Learning

 lib   Schemaless Queries over Document Tables with Dependencies

 lib   SchiNet: Automatic Estimation of Symptoms of Schizophrenia from Facial Behaviour Analysis

 lib   School bus routing by maximizing trip compatibility

 lib   SCNN: A General Distribution based Statistical Convolutional Neural Network with Application to Video Object Detection

 lib   Search Improves Label for Active Learning

 lib   Searching for Effective Neural Extractive Summarization: What Works and What's Next

 lib   segDeepM: Exploiting Segmentation and Context in Deep Neural Networks for Object Detection

 lib   Segmentation non supervis\'ee : le cas du mandarin (Unsupervized Word Segmentation) [in French]

 lib   Selecting Diverse Features via Spectral Regularization

 lib   Self-attention based end-to-end Hindi-English Neural Machine Translation

 lib   Self-Supervised 2D Image to 3D Shape Translation with Disentangled Representations

 lib   Semantics of negative sequential patterns

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