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 lib   Sentence Compression with Joint Structural Inference

 lib   Sentiment and Belief: How to Think about, Represent, and Annotate Private States

 lib   Sequence Labeling: A Practical Approach

 lib   Sequence-level Intrinsic Exploration Model for Partially Observable Domains

 lib   Sequential Adaptive Design for Jump Regression Estimation

 lib   Serialized Output Training for End-to-End Overlapped Speech Recognition

 lib   SEx BiST: A Multi-Source Trainable Parser with Deep Contextualized Lexical Representations

 lib   Shape Registration with Directional Data

 lib   Simple Pose: Rethinking and Improving a Bottom-up Approach for Multi-Person Pose Estimation

 lib   Simple, Robust and (almost) Unsupervised Generation of Polarity Lexicons for Multiple Languages

 lib   SimpleDS: A Simple Deep Reinforcement Learning Dialogue System

 lib   Single-Image Depth Perception in the Wild

 lib   SK-Net: Deep Learning on Point Cloud via End-to-end Discovery of Spatial Keypoints

 lib   Smooth PARAFAC Decomposition for Tensor Completion

 lib   Soft edit distance for differentiable comparison of symbolic sequences

 lib   Solving Visual Object Ambiguities when Pointing: An Unsupervised Learning Approach

 lib   Sparse recovery via Orthogonal Least-Squares under presence of Noise

 lib   Sparse Unsupervised Capsules Generalize Better

 lib   Spectral Analysis of Jet Substructure with Neural Networks: Boosted Higgs Case

 lib   Spectrum Estimation from Samples

 lib   Speedup Matrix Completion with Side Information: Application to Multi-Label Learning

 lib   SPICE: Semantic Propositional Image Caption Evaluation

 lib   SPIDER: Near-Optimal Non-Convex Optimization via Stochastic Path-Integrated Differential Estimator

 lib   Spiking Inception Module for Multi-layer Unsupervised Spiking Neural Networks

 lib   Squared Earth Mover's Distance-based Loss for Training Deep Neural Networks

 lib   Squibs: Fruit Carts: A Domain and Corpus for Research in Dialogue Systems and Psycholinguistics

 lib   Stanford: Probabilistic Edit Distance Metrics for STS

 lib   Star Tracking using an Event Camera

 lib   Starting Movement Detection of Cyclists Using Smart Devices

 lib   Statistical Inference for the Population Landscape via Moment Adjusted Stochastic Gradients

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