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 lib   Steerable CNNs

 lib   STGAN: A Unified Selective Transfer Network for Arbitrary Image Attribute Editing

 lib   Stochastic Non-convex Ordinal Embedding with Stabilized Barzilai-Borwein Step Size

 lib   Streaming Text Analytics for Real-Time Event Recognition

 lib   Stripe: Tensor Compilation via the Nested Polyhedral Model

 lib   Strong mixed-integer programming formulations for trained neural networks

 lib   Structural Data Recognition with Graph Model Boosting

 lib   Structural Language Models of Code

 lib   Structured Learning of Tree Potentials in CRF for Image Segmentation

 lib   Structured Local Minima in Sparse Blind Deconvolution

 lib   STTS 2.0? Improving the Tagset for the Part-of-Speech-Tagging of German Spoken Data

 lib   Study of Domain Dependant Multi-Polarity Words for Document Level Opinion Mining (Influence des marqueurs multi-polaires dĂ©pendant du domaine pour la fouille d’opinion au niveau du texte) [in French]

 lib   Study of the impact of proper name transliteration on the performance of word alignment in French-Arabic parallel corpora (Etude de l'impact de la translitt\'eration de noms propres sur la qualit\'e de l'alignement de mots \`a partir de corpus parall\`eles fran\ccais-arabe) [in French]

 lib   Subject Selection on a Riemannian Manifold for Unsupervised Cross-subject Seizure Detection

 lib   Subjective Logic Operators in Trust Assessment: an Empirical Study

 lib   Super Diffusion for Salient Object Detection

 lib   Supervised learning Methods for Bangla Web Document Categorization

 lib   Surface Realisation from Knowledge-Bases

 lib   SurfConv: Bridging 3D and 2D Convolution for RGBD Images

 lib   Surfing: Iterative optimization over incrementally trained deep networks

 lib   SWOW-8500: Word Association task for Intrinsic Evaluation of Word Embeddings

 lib   Symmetry & critical points for a model shallow neural network

 lib   Synthesizing Filamentary Structured Images with GANs

 lib   TalkDown: A Corpus for Condescension Detection in Context

 lib   TAP-DLND 1.0 : A Corpus for Document Level Novelty Detection

 lib   Targeting Bayes factors with direct-path non-equilibrium thermodynamic integration

 lib   Task-Driven Data Verification via Gradient Descent

 lib   Teaching GAN to generate per-pixel annotation

 lib   Team GPLSI. Approach for automated fact checking

 lib   Technical report of "Empirical Study on Human Evaluation of Complex Argumentation Frameworks"

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