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 lib   A Note on Quantum Markov Models

 lib   A Novel Approach Towards Identification of Alcohol and Drug Induced People

 lib   A novel multivariate performance optimization method based on sparse coding and hyper-predictor learning

 lib   A Novel System for Extractive Clinical Note Summarization using EHR Data

 lib   A Pebble in the AI Race

 lib   A Persian Treebank with Stanford Typed Dependencies

 lib   A practical and linguistically-motivated approach to compositional distributional semantics

 lib   A Primer on PAC-Bayesian Learning

 lib   A Probabilistic Reasoning Environment

 lib   A radial basis function neural network based approach for the electrical characteristics estimation of a photovoltaic module

 lib   A Radically New Theory of how the Brain Represents and Computes with Probabilities

 lib   A Randomized Algorithm for CCA

 lib   A randomized gradient-free attack on ReLU networks

 lib   A Regularized Opponent Model with Maximum Entropy Objective

 lib   A Revised Generative Evaluation of Visual Dialogue

 lib   A Riemannian Framework for Statistical Analysis of Topological Persistence Diagrams

 lib   A Sense-Based Translation Model for Statistical Machine Translation

 lib   A Siamese Deep Forest

 lib   A Simple, Fast and Fully Automated Approach for Midline Shift Measurement on Brain Computed Tomography

 lib   A Stacking-based Approach to Twitter User Geolocation Prediction

 lib   A Survey of Algorithms and Analysis for Adaptive Online Learning

 lib   A Survey on Biomedical Image Captioning

 lib   A Systematic Evaluation of Recent Deep Learning Architectures for Fine-Grained Vehicle Classification

 lib   A temporal expression recognition system for medical documents by

 lib   A theory of independent mechanisms for extrapolation in generative models

 lib   A Tucker decomposition process for probabilistic modeling of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging

 lib   A tutorial introduction to the minimum description length principle

 lib   A Two-Stream Symmetric Network with Bidirectional Ensemble for Aerial Image Matching

 lib   A Universal Analysis of Large-Scale Regularized Least Squares Solutions

 lib   A VEST of the Pseudoinverse Learning Algorithm

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