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 lib   Teaching GAN to generate per-pixel annotation

 lib   Team GPLSI. Approach for automated fact checking

 lib   Technical report of "Empirical Study on Human Evaluation of Complex Argumentation Frameworks"

 lib   Temporal Registration in Application to In-utero MRI Time Series

 lib   Tensor-based computation of metastable and coherent sets

 lib   Testing Properties of Multiple Distributions with Few Samples

 lib   Text Detection and Recognition in images: A survey

 lib   Texture and Steerability based Image Authentication

 lib   Texture Object Segmentation Based on Affine Invariant Texture Detection

 lib   That's Not What I Meant! Using Parsers to Avoid Structural Ambiguities in Generated Text

 lib   The Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Predicting Results in Team Sport: A Review

 lib   The Archives Unleashed Project: Technology, Process, and Community to Improve Scholarly Access to Web Archives

 lib   The autofeat Python Library for Automated Feature Engineering and Selection

 lib   The Benefits of Word Embeddings Features for Active Learning in Clinical Information Extraction

 lib   The Best of Both Worlds: Combining CNNs and Geometric Constraints for Hierarchical Motion Segmentation

 lib   The Code2Text Challenge: Text Generation in Source Code Libraries

 lib   The Cost of a Reductions Approach to Private Fair Optimization

 lib   The DARPA Twitter Bot Challenge

 lib   The Effect of Multiple Grammatical Errors on Processing Non-Native Writing

 lib   The GraphNet Zoo: A Plug-and-Play Framework for Deep Semi-Supervised Classification

 lib   The IBM 2015 English Conversational Telephone Speech Recognition System

 lib   The IFF Foundation for Ontological Knowledge Organization

 lib   The Impact of Topic Bias on Quality Flaw Prediction in Wikipedia

 lib   The Longer the Better? The Interplay Between Review Length and Line of Argumentation in Online Consumer Reviews

 lib   The Optimal Approximation Factor in Density Estimation

 lib   The Role of Features and Context on Suicide Ideation Detection

 lib   The SLT-Interactions Parsing System at the CoNLL 2018 Shared Task

 lib   The Two-Pass Softmax Algorithm

 lib   Theory III: Dynamics and Generalization in Deep Networks

 lib   Three tree priors and five datasets: A study of the effect of tree priors in Indo-European phylogenetics

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