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 lib   Thresholds of descending algorithms in inference problems

 lib   Time series clustering based on the characterisation of segment typologies

 lib   Time-Aware and Corpus-Specific Entity Relatedness

 lib   Tolerant BLEU: a Submission to the WMT14 Metrics Task

 lib   Tomographic Reconstruction of Triaxial Strain Fields from Bragg-Edge Neutron Imaging

 lib   Top-down induction of decision trees: rigorous guarantees and inherent limitations

 lib   Topic Segmentation with a Structured Topic Model

 lib   TopicResponse: A Marriage of Topic Modelling and Rasch Modelling for Automatic Measurement in MOOCs

 lib   Topologically-Guided Color Image Enhancement

 lib   Topology Estimation in Bulk Power Grids: Guarantees on Exact Recovery

 lib   Toward domain-invariant speech recognition via large scale training

 lib   Toward Streaming Synapse Detection with Compositional ConvNets

 lib   Towards AI-Complete Question Answering: A Set of Prerequisite Toy Tasks

 lib   Towards Assessing the Impact of Bayesian Optimization's Own Hyperparameters

 lib   Towards Characterizing Divergence in Deep Q-Learning

 lib   Towards Deep Conversational Recommendations

 lib   Towards Efficient Machine Translation Evaluation by Modelling Annotators

 lib   Towards Neural Machine Translation for Edoid Languages

 lib   Towards Real-time Customer Experience Prediction for Telecommunication Operators

 lib   Towards Robotic Eye Surgery: Marker-free, Online Hand-eye Calibration using Optical Coherence Tomography Images

 lib   Towards Unconstrained End-to-End Text Spotting

 lib   Train and Test Tightness of LP Relaxations in Structured Prediction

 lib   Training Compact Neural Networks with Binary Weights and Low Precision Activations

 lib   Training Neural Networks with Stochastic Hessian-Free Optimization

 lib   Training Provably Robust Models by Polyhedral Envelope Regularization

 lib   TrajectoryNet: An Embedded GPS Trajectory Representation for Point-based Classification Using Recurrent Neural Networks

 lib   Translation of "Zur Ermittlung eines Objektes aus zwei Perspektiven mit innerer Orientierung" by Erwin Kruppa (1913)

 lib   Truth and Regret in Online Scheduling

 lib   TruthTeller: Annotating Predicate Truth

 lib   TrWP: Text Relatedness using Word and Phrase Relatedness

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