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 lib   Uncertainty-Aware Imitation Learning using Kernelized Movement Primitives

 lib   Understanding AI Data Repositories with Automatic Query Generation

 lib   Understanding Career Progression in Baseball Through Machine Learning

 lib   Understanding Convolution for Semantic Segmentation

 lib   Understanding Neural Pathways in Zebrafish through Deep Learning and High Resolution Electron Microscope Data

 lib   UniMorph 2.0: Universal Morphology

 lib   Universal Inference Using the Split Likelihood Ratio Test

 lib   Universal Properties of Mythological Networks

 lib   Universal Stagewise Learning for Non-Convex Problems with Convergence on Averaged Solutions

 lib   Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Residual Transfer Networks

 lib   Unsupervised Event Coreference Resolution

 lib   Unsupervised Learning of A-Morphous Inflection with Graph Clustering

 lib   Unsupervised Method for the Acquisition of General Language Paraphrases for Medical Compounds

 lib   Unsupervised Most Frequent Sense Detection using Word Embeddings

 lib   Unsupervised Question Decomposition for Question Answering

 lib   Unsupervised Structure Learning of Stochastic And-Or Grammars

 lib   Unsure When to Stop? Ask Your Semantic Neighbors

 lib   Use of Transformation-Based Learning in Annotation Pipeline of Igbo, an African Language

 lib   Use What You Have: Video Retrieval Using Representations From Collaborative Experts

 lib   Users Constraints in Itemset Mining

 lib   Using Causal Discovery to Track Information Flow in Spatio-Temporal Data - A Testbed and Experimental Results Using Advection-Diffusion Simulations

 lib   Using Discourse Information for Education with a Spanish-Chinese Parallel Corpus

 lib   Using Entity Information from a Knowledge Base to Improve Relation Extraction

 lib   Using Latent Class Analysis to Identify ARDS Sub-phenotypes for Enhanced Machine Learning Predictive Performance

 lib   Using Learning-To-Rank to Enhance NLM Medical Text Indexer Results

 lib   Using Mechanical Turk to Build Machine Translation Evaluation Sets

 lib   Using Natural Language Processing to Develop an Automated Orthodontic Diagnostic System

 lib   Using Simpson's Paradox to Discover Interesting Patterns in Behavioral Data

 lib   Using Text Embeddings for Causal Inference

 lib   Using Word Semantics To Assist English as a Second Language Learners

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