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 lib   Variance Reduction with Sparse Gradients

 lib   Variational Auto-Encoder: not all failures are equal

 lib   Variational Recurrent Neural Machine Translation

 lib   Vertebrae Detection and Localization in CT with Two-Stage CNNs and Dense Annotations

 lib   Vertex nomination: The canonical sampling and the extended spectral nomination schemes

 lib   Vision-Based Preharvest Yield Mapping for Apple Orchards

 lib   Visual Discourse Parsing

 lib   Visual Error Analysis for Entity Linking

 lib   Visual Interaction Networks

 lib   Voice Imitating Text-to-Speech Neural Networks

 lib   Warp and Learn: Novel Views Generation for Vehicles and Other Objects

 lib   Wasserstein Distance Guided Cross-Domain Learning

 lib   Wasserstein Weisfeiler-Lehman Graph Kernels

 lib   Weakly supervised collective feature learning from curated media

 lib   Web Based Brain Volume Calculation for Magnetic Resonance Images

 lib   WebAnno: A Flexible, Web-based and Visually Supported System for Distributed Annotations

 lib   WebSets: Extracting Sets of Entities from the Web Using Unsupervised Information Extraction

 lib   Weeding out Conventionalized Metaphors: A Corpus of Novel Metaphor Annotations

 lib   Weighted Abstract Dialectical Frameworks: Extended and Revised Report

 lib   What Do Deep CNNs Learn About Objects?

 lib   What is Holding Back Convnets for Detection?

 lib   What is not where: the challenge of integrating spatial representations into deep learning architectures

 lib   What Makes a Video a Video: Analyzing Temporal Information in Video Understanding Models and Datasets

 lib   What represents ``style'' in authorship attribution?

 lib   When Does Unsupervised Machine Translation Work?

 lib   When Explainability Meets Adversarial Learning: Detecting Adversarial Examples using SHAP Signatures

 lib   When Point Process Meets RNNs: Predicting Fine-Grained User Interests with Mutual Behavioral Infectivity

 lib   Why are some word orders more common than others? A uniform information density account

 lib   Why Does the VQA Model Answer No?: Improving Reasoning through Visual and Linguistic Inference

 lib   Why Words Alone Are Not Enough: Error Analysis of Lexicon-based Polarity Classifier for Czech

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