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 lib   An automatic water detection approach based on Dempster-Shafer theory for multi spectral images

 lib   An easy-to-use empirical likelihood ABC method

 lib   An efficient language independent toolkit for complete morphological disambiguation

 lib   An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Learning for ICD-9 Code Assignment using MIMIC-III Clinical Notes

 lib   An Extension of LIME with Improvement of Interpretability and Fidelity

 lib   An investigation of model-free planning

 lib   An unsupervised approach to Geographical Knowledge Discovery using street level and street network images

 lib   Analysis of classifiers' robustness to adversarial perturbations

 lib   Analysis of the noise in back-projection light field acquisition and its optimization

 lib   Analysis of Triplet Motifs in Biological Signed Oriented Graphs Suggests a Relationship Between Fine Topology and Function

 lib   Analysis of Word Embeddings and Sequence Features for Clinical Information Extraction

 lib   Annotating Discourse Connectives in Spoken Turkish

 lib   Annotating the MASC Corpus with BabelNet

 lib   Anomaly Detection in the Presence of Missing Values

 lib   Anomaly detection with Wasserstein GAN

 lib   Anticipation in collaborative music performance using fuzzy systems: a case study

 lib   Application of Time Series Analysis to Traffic Accidents in Los Angeles

 lib   Application Specific Instrumentation (ASIN): A Bio-inspired Paradigm to Instrumentation using recognition before detection

 lib   APPLYING A BEAM SEARCH TO TRANSITION-BASED DEPENDENCY PARSING: A CASE STUDY FOR FRENCH WITH THE TALISMANE SUITE (L'apport du faisceau dans l'analyse syntaxique en d\'ependances par transitions : \'etudes de cas avec l'analyseur Talismane) [in French]

 lib   Approximating Interactive Human Evaluation with Self-Play for Open-Domain Dialog Systems

 lib   Arabic Text Categorization Algorithm using Vector Evaluation Method

 lib   Are words easier to learn from infant- than adult-directed speech? A quantitative corpus-based investigation

 lib   Artificial Intelligence for Prosthetics - challenge solutions

 lib   Ask Your Neurons: A Deep Learning Approach to Visual Question Answering

 lib   ASM Kernel: Graph Kernel using Approximate Subgraph Matching for Relation Extraction

 lib   ASP-Core-2 Input Language Format

 lib   Aspartame: Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Answer Set Programming

 lib   Attacks Which Do Not Kill Training Make Adversarial Learning Stronger

 lib   Attributes-aided Part Detection and Refinement for Person Re-identification

 lib   Audiovisual Analytics Vocabulary and Ontology (AAVO): initial core and example expansion

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