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 lib   Book Review: Natural Language Processing for Historical Texts by Michael Piotrowski

 lib   Book Reviews: Semi-Supervised Learning and Domain Adaptation in Natural Language Processing by Anders S\ogaard

 lib   Bottom-Up and Top-Down Attention for Image Captioning and Visual Question Answering

 lib   brat: a Web-based Tool for NLP-Assisted Text Annotation

 lib   Bridging the Defined and the Defining: Exploiting Implicit Lexical Semantic Relations in Definition Modeling

 lib   Bridging the Domain Gap for Ground-to-Aerial Image Matching

 lib   Bringing replication and reproduction together with generalisability in NLP: Three reproduction studies for Target Dependent Sentiment Analysis

 lib   Building a Macro Chinese Discourse Treebank

 lib   Building Open Javanese and Sundanese Corpora for Multilingual Text-to-Speech

 lib   Calculating entropy at different scales among diverse communication systems

 lib   Camera-based vehicle velocity estimation from monocular video

 lib   Can You Spot the Semantic Predicate in this Video?

 lib   Car Detection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Comparison between Faster R-CNN and YOLOv3

 lib   CARER: Contextualized Affect Representations for Emotion Recognition

 lib   CenterFace: Joint Face Detection and Alignment Using Face as Point

 lib   Characterization of Visual Object Representations in Rat Primary Visual Cortex

 lib   Characterizing the impact of geometric properties of word embeddings on task performance

 lib   Chasing the Echo State Property

 lib   CIDEr: Consensus-based Image Description Evaluation

 lib   Clamping Variables and Approximate Inference

 lib   Class-Agnostic Continual Learning of Alternating Languages and Domains

 lib   Classifying Options for Deep Reinforcement Learning

 lib   CloudScan - A configuration-free invoice analysis system using recurrent neural networks

 lib   Cluster Labeling by Word Embeddings and WordNet's Hypernymy

 lib   CNN Cascades for Segmenting Whole Slide Images of the Kidney

 lib   Co-Regression for Cross-Language Review Rating Prediction

 lib   CoAPI: An Efficient Two-Phase Algorithm Using Core-Guided Over-Approximate Cover for Prime Compilation of Non-Clausal Formulae

 lib   COCO-CN for Cross-Lingual Image Tagging, Captioning and Retrieval

 lib   Coevolutionary networks of reinforcement-learning agents

 lib   Cognitive Deep Machine Can Train Itself

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