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 lib   Contrasting Exploration in Parameter and Action Space: A Zeroth-Order Optimization Perspective

 lib   Contrastive Pessimistic Likelihood Estimation for Semi-Supervised Classification

 lib   Convergence of Langevin MCMC in KL-divergence

 lib   Conversation Modeling on Reddit using a Graph-Structured LSTM

 lib   Copula Processes

 lib   Correlation Coefficients are Insufficient for Analyzing Spike Count Dependencies

 lib   Correlation of Auroral Dynamics and GNSS Scintillation with an Autoencoder

 lib   Correlation-Sensitive Next-Basket Recommendation

 lib   Corruption Robust Exploration in Episodic Reinforcement Learning

 lib   Creating Similarity: Lateral Thinking for Vertical Similarity Judgments

 lib   Cross-Domain Car Detection Using Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation: From Day to Night

 lib   Cross-Lingual Transfer for Distantly Supervised and Low-resources Indonesian NER

 lib   Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning for Question Answering

 lib   Cross-position Activity Recognition with Stratified Transfer Learning

 lib   CrossNet: Latent Cross-Consistency for Unpaired Image Translation

 lib   Crowd Density Estimation using Novel Feature Descriptor

 lib   Crowdsourcing for Evaluating Machine Translation Quality

 lib   Curation of Dutch Regional Dictionaries

 lib   CURE: Curvature Regularization For Missing Data Recovery

 lib   Current Trends and Future Research Directions for Interactive Music

 lib   Customized video filtering on YouTube

 lib   CycleGAN, a Master of Steganography

 lib   CycleGAN-VC2: Improved CycleGAN-based Non-parallel Voice Conversion

 lib   DailyDialog: A Manually Labelled Multi-turn Dialogue Dataset

 lib   DARI: Distance metric And Representation Integration for Person Verification

 lib   Database Meets Deep Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

 lib   Debate Dynamics for Human-comprehensible Fact-checking on Knowledge Graphs

 lib   Deblurring using Analysis-Synthesis Networks Pair

 lib   Deep Adaptive Temporal Pooling for Activity Recognition

 lib   Deep Bayesian Inversion

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