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 lib   Context Vectors are Reflections of Word Vectors in Half the Dimensions

 lib   Context-Based Chinese Word Segmentation using SVM Machine-Learning Algorithm without Dictionary Support

 lib   Contextual Combinatorial Conservative Bandits

 lib   Continuous parameter working memory in a balanced chaotic neural network

 lib   Convergence of Langevin MCMC in KL-divergence

 lib   Conversation Modeling on Reddit using a Graph-Structured LSTM

 lib   Converting an English-Swedish Parallel Treebank to Universal Dependencies

 lib   Convex Variational Image Restoration with Histogram Priors

 lib   ConvNets and ImageNet Beyond Accuracy: Understanding Mistakes and Uncovering Biases

 lib   Cooperative Holistic Scene Understanding: Unifying 3D Object, Layout, and Camera Pose Estimation

 lib   Copula Processes

 lib   Correlation Coefficients are Insufficient for Analyzing Spike Count Dependencies

 lib   Correlation of Auroral Dynamics and GNSS Scintillation with an Autoencoder

 lib   Correlation-Sensitive Next-Basket Recommendation

 lib   Corruption Robust Exploration in Episodic Reinforcement Learning

 lib   Counting Cells in Time-Lapse Microscopy using Deep Neural Networks

 lib   Creating Similarity: Lateral Thinking for Vertical Similarity Judgments

 lib   Cross-Domain Car Detection Using Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation: From Day to Night

 lib   Cross-Lingual Transfer for Distantly Supervised and Low-resources Indonesian NER

 lib   Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning for Question Answering

 lib   CrossNet: Latent Cross-Consistency for Unpaired Image Translation

 lib   Crowd Density Estimation using Novel Feature Descriptor

 lib   CUNI x-ling: Parsing Under-Resourced Languages in CoNLL 2018 UD Shared Task

 lib   Curation of Dutch Regional Dictionaries

 lib   CURE: Curvature Regularization For Missing Data Recovery

 lib   Current Trends and Future Research Directions for Interactive Music

 lib   Customized video filtering on YouTube

 lib   CycleGAN, a Master of Steganography

 lib   CycleGAN-VC2: Improved CycleGAN-based Non-parallel Voice Conversion

 lib   DailyDialog: A Manually Labelled Multi-turn Dialogue Dataset

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