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docker:image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04 (v2.0.3)
Creation date: 2019-06-05
Source: GitHub
cID: 88eef0cd8c43b68a:34b17b135b623246

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MLPerf Inference - Image Classification - TFLite (Ubuntu 18.04): Dashboard

  1. Dashboard image (based on Ubuntu 18.04 latest)

NB: You may need to run commands below with sudo, unless you manage Docker as a non-root user.

Dashboard image


$ docker pull ctuning/image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04


$ ck build docker:image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04

NB: Equivalent to:

$ cd `ck find docker:image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04`
$ docker build -f Dockerfile -t ctuning/image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04 .



  1. Run a dashboard container with an interactive shell:
$ ck run docker:image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04

NB: Equivalent to:

$ docker run -it --publish 3355:3344 --rm ctuning/image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04
  1. Point your browser to http://localhost:3355/?template=dashboard&scenario=mlperf.mobilenets to listen to the server.


$ docker run -it --rm ctuning/image-classification-tflite.dashboard.ubuntu-18.04 bash




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