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Dimensions Raw JSON files
# Host OS Target OS CPU name CPU sub-name Number of logical cores Raw compiler name Program UOA CMD key Dataset UOA Dataset file Calibration Execution time (sec.) Energy total (A15, joules) Energy total (A7, joules) Object size (bytes) Binary size (bytes) CPU freq (MHz) GPU freq (MHz) Algorithm accuracy Faults Compiler flags Compiler vars All Features Flat
Point UID Reproduce
1 linux-32 linux-32 BCM2709 ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l) 4 None cbench-automotive-susan corners image-pgm-0001 data.pgm 100 3.194389 ± 0.7% (6) None None 30736 34432 1200.0 None None None -O3 View View View de68bdc517447085