Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT of Vehicle Fleets using Hierarchical Modified Fuzzy Support Vector Machine

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Authors: Arindam Chaudhuri
ArXiv: 1806.09612
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Connected vehicle fleets are deployed worldwide in several industrial IoT scenarios. With the gradual increase of machines being controlled and managed through networked smart devices, the predictive maintenance potential grows rapidly. Predictive maintenance has the potential of optimizing uptime as well as performance such that time and labor associated with inspections and preventive maintenance are reduced. In order to understand the trends of vehicle faults with respect to important vehicle attributes viz mileage, age, vehicle type etc this problem is addressed through hierarchical modified fuzzy support vector machine (HMFSVM). The proposed method is compared with other commonly used approaches like logistic regression, random forests and support vector machines. This helps better implementation of telematics data to ensure preventative management as part of the desired solution. The superiority of the proposed method is highlighted through several experimental results.

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