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Customized video filtering on YouTube

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Authors: Vishal Anand,Ravi Shukla,Ashwani Gupta,Abhishek Kumar
ArXiv: 1911.04013
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Abstract URL: https://arxiv.org/abs/1911.04013v2

Inappropriate and profane content on social media is exponentially increasing and big corporations are becoming more aware of the type of content on which they are advertising and how it may affect their brand reputation. But with a huge surge in content being posted online it becomes seemingly difficult to filter out related videos on which they can run their ads without compromising brand name. Advertising on youtube videos generates a huge amount of revenue for corporations. It becomes increasingly important for such corporations to advertise on only the videos that don't hurt the feelings, community or harmony of the audience at large. In this paper, we propose a system to identify inappropriate content on YouTube and leverage it to perform a first of its kind, large scale, quantitative characterization that reveals some of the risks of YouTube ads consumption on inappropriate videos. Customization of the architecture have also been included to serve different requirements of corporations. Our analysis reveals that YouTube is still plagued by such disturbing videos and its currently deployed countermeasures are ineffective in terms of detecting them in a timely manner. Our framework tries to fill this gap by providing a handy, add on solution to filter the videos and help corporations and companies to push ads on the platform without worrying about the content on which the ads are displayed.

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