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Channel Attention with Embedding Gaussian Process: A Probabilistic Methodology

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Authors: Jiyang Xie,Dongliang Chang,Zhanyu Ma,Guoqiang Zhang,Jun Guo
ArXiv: 2003.04575
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Abstract URL: https://arxiv.org/abs/2003.04575v1

Channel attention mechanisms, as the key components of some modern convolutional neural networks (CNNs) architectures, have been commonly used in many visual tasks for effective performance improvement. It is able to reinforce the informative channels and to suppress useless channels of feature maps obtained by CNNs. Recently, different attention modules have been proposed, which are implemented in various ways. However, they are mainly based on convolution and pooling operations, which are lack of intuitive and reasonable insights about the principles that they are based on. Moreover, the ways that they improve the performance of the CNNs is not clear either. In this paper, we propose a Gaussian process embedded channel attention (GPCA) module and interpret the channel attention intuitively and reasonably in a probabilistic way. The GPCA module is able to model the correlations from channels which are assumed as beta distributed variables with Gaussian process prior. As the beta distribution is intractably integrated into the end-to-end training of the CNNs, we utilize an appropriate approximation of the beta distribution to make the distribution assumption implemented easily. In this case, the proposed GPCA module can be integrated into the end-to-end training of the CNNs. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed GPCA module can improve the accuracies of image classification on four widely used datasets.

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