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Cognitive Deep Machine Can Train Itself

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Authors: András Lőrincz,Máté Csákvári,Áron Fóthi,Zoltán Ádám Milacski,András Sárkány,Zoltán Tősér
ArXiv: 1612.00745
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Abstract URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/1612.00745v1

Machine learning is making substantial progress in diverse applications. The success is mostly due to advances in deep learning. However, deep learning can make mistakes and its generalization abilities to new tasks are questionable. We ask when and how one can combine network outputs, when (i) details of the observations are evaluated by learned deep components and (ii) facts and confirmation rules are available in knowledge based systems. We show that in limited contexts the required number of training samples can be low and self-improvement of pre-trained networks in more general context is possible. We argue that the combination of sparse outlier detection with deep components that can support each other diminish the fragility of deep methods, an important requirement for engineering applications. We argue that supervised learning of labels may be fully eliminated under certain conditions: a component based architecture together with a knowledge based system can train itself and provide high quality answers. We demonstrate these concepts on the State Farm Distracted Driver Detection benchmark. We argue that the view of the Study Panel (2016) may overestimate the requirements on `years of focused research' and `careful, unique construction' for `AI systems'.

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