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Audiovisual Analytics Vocabulary and Ontology (AAVO): initial core and example expansion

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Authors: Renato Fabbri,Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira
ArXiv: 1710.09954
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Abstract URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/1710.09954v1

Visual Analytics might be defined as data mining assisted by interactive visual interfaces. The field has been receiving prominent consideration by researchers, developers and the industry. The literature, however, is complex because it involves multiple fields of knowledge and is considerably recent. In this article we describe an initial tentative organization of the knowledge in the field as an OWL ontology and a SKOS vocabulary. This effort might be useful in many ways that include conceptual considerations and software implementations. Within the results and discussions, we expose a core and an example expansion of the conceptualization, and incorporate design issues that enhance the expressive power of the abstraction.

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