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DeepEnroll: Patient-Trial Matching with Deep Embedding and Entailment Prediction

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Authors: Xingyao Zhang,Cao Xiao,Lucas M. Glass,Jimeng Sun
ArXiv: 2001.08179
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Abstract URL: https://arxiv.org/abs/2001.08179v2

Clinical trials are essential for drug development but often suffer from expensive, inaccurate and insufficient patient recruitment. The core problem of patient-trial matching is to find qualified patients for a trial, where patient information is stored in electronic health records (EHR) while trial eligibility criteria (EC) are described in text documents available on the web. How to represent longitudinal patient EHR? How to extract complex logical rules from EC? Most existing works rely on manual rule-based extraction, which is time consuming and inflexible for complex inference. To address these challenges, we proposed DeepEnroll, a cross-modal inference learning model to jointly encode enrollment criteria (text) and patients records (tabular data) into a shared latent space for matching inference. DeepEnroll applies a pre-trained Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers(BERT) model to encode clinical trial information into sentence embedding. And uses a hierarchical embedding model to represent patient longitudinal EHR. In addition, DeepEnroll is augmented by a numerical information embedding and entailment module to reason over numerical information in both EC and EHR. These encoders are trained jointly to optimize patient-trial matching score. We evaluated DeepEnroll on the trial-patient matching task with demonstrated on real world datasets. DeepEnroll outperformed the best baseline by up to 12.4% in average F1.

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