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Abstracting docker

module:docker (v3.0.0)
License: BSD 3-clause (code) and CC BY-SA 4.0 (data)
Creation date: 2016-05-26
Source: GitHub
cID: 032630d041b4fd8a:88eef0cd8c43b68a

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This is our attempt to share automation actions from scientific research projects as unified Python modules with a common CLI and Python API to help researchers and practitioners reuse best practices. Our on-going project is to make the onboarding process as simple as possible via this platform. Please check this CK white paper and don't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions or feedback!
  • Automation framework: CK
  • Development repository: ck-ml
  • Source: GitHub
  • How to get the stable version from this portal via the CK client:
    pip install cbench
    cb download module:docker --version=3.0.0 --all
    ck help docker
  • How to get the development version:
    pip install ck
    ck pull repo:ck-ml
    ck help docker
  • CK automation actions (CLI with the Python CK API and JSON IO):
    • ck build docker - build Docker image (API)
    • ck import docker - import external Docker image (tar file) (API)
    • ck login docker - login to Docker Hub (API)
    • ck push docker - push a given image to the Docker Hub (API)
    • ck run docker - run Docker image (API)
    • ck save docker - save Docker image (for example to share via external repositories and digital libraries) (API)


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