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Auxiliary functions shared by grigori fursin

module:misc (v3.0.0)
License: BSD 3-clause (code) and CC BY-SA 4.0 (data)
Creation date: 2015-05-05
Source: GitHub
cID: 032630d041b4fd8a:cddc5e04b0da610e

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This is our attempt to share automation actions from scientific research projects as unified Python modules with a common CLI and Python API to help researchers and practitioners reuse best practices. Our on-going project is to make the onboarding process as simple as possible via this platform. Please check this CK white paper and don't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions or feedback!
  • Automation framework: CK
  • Development repository: ck-ml
  • Source: GitHub
  • How to get the stable version from this portal via the CK client:
    pip install cbench
    cb download module:misc --version=3.0.0 --all
    ck help misc
  • How to get the development version:
    pip install ck
    ck pull repo:ck-ml
    ck help misc
  • CK automation actions (CLI with the Python CK API and JSON IO):
    • ck add_key misc - add key to meta/files of different entries (API)
    • ck capture_command_output misc - run a shell command and return its captured output (API)
    • ck clone_server_repo misc - download a whole repository from the server (API)
    • ck get_home_dir misc - get the home directory of the current user (API)
    • ck list_kernel_functions misc - list CK kernel functions (API)
    • ck list_kernel_functions_md misc - (API)
    • ck list_modules misc - list modules (API)
    • ck list_repos misc - list repositories (API)
    • ck list_variations misc - given a query of tags/variation and an optional variation_prefix, return a list of supported variations (API)
    • ck merge_dicts misc - merge dictionaries in 2 files (API)
    • ck preload_html_for_lists misc - preload HTMLs for lists of components (API)
    • ck prepare_entry_template misc - select template for a given module (API)
    • ck process_all_files_recursively misc - process all files recursively using some action (API)
    • ck refresh_json misc - update and sort json file (API)
    • ck replace_string_in_file misc - replace string in a file (API)
    • ck replace_strings_in_file misc - replace multiple strings in a given file (API)
    • ck search_in_variations misc - given a query of tags, find entries that match both from tags and variations (API)
    • ck select_string misc - given a list of strings, pick one by index OR substring match (API)
    • ck select_uoa misc - select UOA (API)
    • ck sort_json_file misc - sort JSON file (API)
    • ck substitute_from_dict misc - substitute values from a dictionary (API)
    • ck transfer misc - download or upload a bunch of CK entries between a local and a remote repo (API)


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