package:imagenet-2012-val (v1.5.1)
License: See the LICENSE.txt file for licensing terms
Creation date: 2016-07-04
Source: GitHub
cID: 1dc07ee0f4742028:14db79a136d98dd4

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This meta package is our attempt to provide a unified Python API, CLI and JSON meta description for different package managers and building tools to automatically download and install different components (models, data sets, libraries, frameworks, tools) necessary to run portable program pipelines across evolving platforms.





2020-01-31 13:02:52 (Added by gfursin)
Unfortunately, ImageNet 2012 validation set is no longer publicly available and this CK meta-package can not automatically download it!

See the related discussions:

However, if you already have it installed on your machine, you can detect and register it to work with CK workflows using this command:

$ ck detect soft:dataset.imagenet.val --search_dir={directory where the dataset is installed}
2019-12-12 09:41:54 (Added by gfursin)
Maybe we can add a key to "meta.json" something like "force_license_accept":"yes" ?
In such case, CK will print the LICENSE.txt and ask a user to accept the license before installing this package?
Any thoughts?
2019-12-12 09:05:49 (Added by gfursin)
Subject: about Imagenet licence
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2019 21:46:00 -0800 (PST)
From: 'Thai Nguyen' via MLPerf
Reply-To: Thai Nguyen
To: MLPerf

Hi all,
I am contributing to the mlperf mobile app (
An existing problem is users have to download and push the Imagenet dataset to the device themselves.
This is due to the Imagenet license ( which does not allow to publicly redistribute the dataset.

However, observing the CK's way of downloading the dataset. I saw that the users just need to run one command:
$ ck install package --tags=image-classification,dataset,imagenet,val,original,full

Look like the users don't need to involve in any license-related thing before downloading the dataset.
I wonder what is the legal (license) basis behind this?

Can I do such similar things to help user get the dataset easier in the app? May be:
- Show a pop-up that display the license
- Let them agree and then download in in the same way as CK


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