package:model-tf-and-tflite-mlperf-mobilenet-v1-20180802 (v1.1.0)
Creation date: 2019-10-07
Source: GitHub
cID: 1dc07ee0f4742028:6c042318059ad499

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This meta package is our attempt to provide a unified Python API, CLI and JSON meta description for different package managers and building tools to automatically download and install different components (models, data sets, libraries, frameworks, tools) necessary to run portable program pipelines across evolving platforms.
  • Automation framework: CK
  • Development repository: ck-mlperf
  • Source: GitHub
  • Tags: model,image-classification,tensorflowmodel,tf,tflite,nhwc,mobilenet,mobilenet-v1,revision.2018_08_02,mlperf,weights,python,frozen,downloaded
  • Support for host OS: any
  • Support for target OS: any
  • Software detection plugin:
  • How to get the stable version from this portal via the CK client:
    pip install cbench
    cb download package:model-tf-and-tflite-mlperf-mobilenet-v1-20180802 --version=1.1.0 --all
    ck install package:model-tf-and-tflite-mlperf-mobilenet-v1-20180802
    ck help package
  • How to get the development version:
    pip install ck
    ck pull repo:ck-mlperf
    ck install package:model-tf-and-tflite-mlperf-mobilenet-v1-20180802
    ck help package
  • Useful CK automation actions (CLI with the Python CK API and JSON IO):
    ck show env
    ck find env:{ID from above}
    ck virtual env:{ID from above}
  • CLI and Python API: module:package
  • Variations:
    • non-quantized
    • quantized
    • from.zenodo
    • v1-1.0-224
    • v1-1.0-192
    • v1-1.0-160
    • v1-1.0-128
    • v1-0.75-224
    • v1-0.75-192
    • v1-0.75-160
    • v1-0.75-128
    • v1-0.5-224
    • v1-0.5-192
    • v1-0.5-160
    • v1-0.5-128
    • v1-0.25-224
    • v1-0.25-192
    • v1-0.25-160
    • v1-0.25-128





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