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program:image-classification-tflite-codereef-android (v1.0.0)
Creation date: 2019-12-31
Source: GitHub
cID: b0ac08fe1d3c2615:543b19f623f0fd87

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This portable workflow is our attempt to provide a common CLI with Python JSON API and a JSON meta description to automatically detect or install required components (models, data sets, libraries, frameworks, tools), and then build, run, validate, benchmark and auto-tune the associated method (program) across diverse models, datasets, compilers, platforms and environments. Our on-going project is to make the onboarding process as simple as possible via this platform. Please check this CK white paper and don't hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions or feedback!
  • Automation framework: CK
  • Development repository: ck-tensorflow-codereef
  • Source: GitHub
  • Available command lines:
    • ck run program:image-classification-tflite-codereef-android --cmd_key=default (META)
  • Support for host OS: any
  • Support for target OS: android, linux
  • Tags: image-classification,tflite,lang-cpp,codereef-workflow,codereef-workflow-webcam
  • Template: Image Classification via TFLite (C++)
  • How to get the stable version via the client:
    pip install cbench
    cb download program:image-classification-tflite-codereef-android --version=1.0.0 --all
    ck run program:image-classification-tflite-codereef-android
  • How to get the development version:
    pip install ck
    ck pull repo --url=
    ck run program:image-classification-tflite-codereef-android

  • CLI and Python API: module:program
  • Dependencies    


    TensorFlow Lite image classification program

    This program uses a statically linked TensorFlow Lite library.



    # apt install liblapack-dev libatlas-dev
    # python -m pip install scipy

    TensorFlow library

    $ ck install package:lib-tflite-0.1.7-src-static [--target_os=android23-arm64]

    NB: Use --target_os=android23-arm64 to build for Android API 23 (v6.0 "Marshmallow") or similar.

    TensorFlow models

    Install a model providing a graph as tflite file e.g.:

    $ ck install package:tensorflowmodel-mobilenet-v1-1.0-224-2018_02_22-py
    $ ck install package:tensorflowmodel-mobilenet-v2-1.0-224-py

    ImageNet dataset

    $ ck install package --tags=small_dataset,imagenet,raw,val
    $ ck install package:imagenet-2012-aux 


    $ ck compile program:image-classification-tflite [--target_os=android23-arm64]


    $ ck run program:image-classification-tflite [--target_os=android23-arm64]

    Program parameters

    Input image parameters


    If set, the program will classify a single image instead of iterating over a dataset. When only the name of an image is specified, it is assumed that the image is in the ImageNet dataset.

    $ ck run program:image-classification-tflite --env.CK_IMAGE_FILE=/tmp/images/path-to-image.jpg
    $ ck run program:image-classification-tflite --env.CK_IMAGE_FILE=ILSVRC2012_val_00000011.JPEG


    If set to YES, then all previously cached images will be erased.

    Default: NO.

    Input preprocessing parameters


    The size of an intermediate image. If this preprocessing parameter is set to a value greater than the input image size defined by the model, input images will be first scaled to this size and then cropped to the input size.

    For example, if --env.CK_TMP_IMAGE_SIZE=256 is specified for MobileNets models with the input image resolution of 224, then input images will be first resized to 256x256 and then cropped to 224x224.

    Default: 0.


    The percentage of the central image region to crop. If this preprocessing parameter is set to a value between 0 and 100, then loaded images will be cropped according this percentage and then scaled to the input image size defined by the model.

    Default: 87.5.

    NB: If CK_TMP_IMAGE_SIZE is set and valid, this parameter is not used.


    If set to YES, then the mean value will be subtracted from the input image.

    Default: YES.




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