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CK MLPerf inference 0.7 (object detection • tflite ssd mobilenet v1 edgetpu)

solution:ck-mlperf-inference-0.7-object-detection-tflite-ssd-mobilenet-v1-edgetpu (v1.0.0)

CK solution description  


Follow this guide to install CK. Then pull CK repositories with AI/ML workflows and components:

MLPerf Inference - Object Detection - TFLite (with Coral EdgeTPU support)


Install Collective Knowledge (CK)

Please follow the installation instructions for your system e.g.:

$ python3 -m pip install ck --user
$ echo "export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc && ck version

Pull CK-MLPerf

$ ck pull repo:ck-mlperf

Pull CK-Coral

To use the Coral EdgeTPU accelerator:

$ ck pull repo:ck-coral

NB: Refresh all CK repositories after any updates (e.g. bug fixes):

$ ck pull all


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