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 lib   Performance Using Direct Virtual Hardware

 lib   0sim: Preparing System Software for a World with Terabyte-scale Memories

 lib   A Coordinated Tiling and Batching Framework for Efficient GEMM on GPUs

 lib   A Hypervisor for Shared-Memory FPGA Platforms

 lib   A parallel connectivity algorithm for de Bruijn graphs in metagenomic applications

 lib   A Pattern Based Algorithmic Autotuner for Graph Processing on GPUs

 lib   A Round-Efficient Distributed Betweenness Centrality Algorithm

 lib   A Systematic Methodology for Analysis of Deep Learning Hardware and Software Platforms

 lib   Accelerometer: Understanding Acceleration Opportunities for Data Center Overheads at Hyperscale

 lib   Adaptive Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on the GPU

 lib   AGGREGATHOR: Byzantine Machine Learning via Robust Gradient Aggregation

 lib   An Effective Fusion and Tile Size Model for Optimizing Image Processing Pipelines

 lib   Atomicity Checking in Linear Time using Vector Clocks

 lib   AutoTM: Automatic Tensor Movement in Heterogeneous Memory Systems using Integer Linear Programming

 lib   AvA: Accelerated Virtualization of Accelerators

 lib   Beyond Data and Model Parallelism for Deep Neural Networks

 lib   BPPSA: Scaling Back-propagation by Parallel Scan Algorithm

 lib   Bridging the Gap between Deep Learning and Sparse Matrix Format Selection

 lib   BYOC: A "Bring Your Own Core" Framework for Heterogeneous-ISA Research

 lib   Cache-Tries: Concurrent Lock-Free Hash Tries with Constant-Time Operations

 lib   Challenging Sequential Bitstream Processing via Principled Bitwise Speculation

 lib   Checking Linearizability Using Hitting Families

 lib   Chronos: Efficient Speculative Parallelism for Accelerators

 lib   COIN Attacks: On Insecurity of Enclave Untrusted Interfaces in SGX

 lib   Collective Knowledge workflow for collaborative research into multi-objective autotuning and machine learning techniques

 lib   Communication-avoiding parallel minimum cuts and connected components

 lib   Conflict-free vectorization of associative irregular applications with recent SIMD architectural advances

 lib   Corrected trees for reliable group communication

 lib   Cross-Failure Bug Detection in Persistent Memory Programs

 lib   CUDAAdvisor: LLVM-based runtime profiling for modern GPUs

 lib   CVR: efficient vectorization of SpMV on x86 processors

 lib   DeLICM: scalar dependence removal at zero memory cost

 lib   Effective Concurrency Testing for Distributed Systems

 lib   Efficient parallel determinacy race detection for two-dimensional dags

 lib   Efficient Race Detection with Futures

 lib   Egalito: Layout-Agnostic Binary Recompilation

 lib   Extreme scale multi-physics simulations of the tsunamigenic 2004 sumatra megathrust earthquake

 lib   Featherlight On-the-fly False-sharing Detection

 lib   Fine-Grained GPU Sharing Primitives for Deep Learning Applications

 lib   FirePerf: FPGA-Accelerated Full-System Hardware/Software Performance Profiling and Co-Design

 lib   FlexAmata: A Universal and Efficient Adaption of Applications to Spatial Automata Processing Accelerators

 lib   Forget Failure: Exploiting SRAM Data Remanence for Low-overhead Intermittent Computation

 lib   Game of Threads: Enabling Asynchronous Poisoning Attacks

 lib   GEMMbench: a framework for reproducible and collaborative benchmarking of matrix multiplication

 lib   Harnessing Epoch-based Reclamation for Efficient Range Queries

 lib   Hermes: A Fast, Fault-Tolerant and Linearizable Replication Protocol

 lib   High performance stencil code generation with Lift

 lib   HMC: Model Checking for Hardware Memory Models

 lib   HSM: A Hybrid Slowdown Model for Multitasking GPUs

 lib   Incremental Flattening for Nested Data Parallelism

 lib   Integrating a large-scale testing campaign in the CK framework

 lib   Integrating algorithmic parameters into benchmarking and design space exploration in dense 3D scene understanding

 lib   Interval-Based Memory Reclamation

 lib   Juggler: A Dependency-Aware Task Based Execution Framework for GPUs

 lib   Lazy Release Persistency

 lib   Leveraging Hardware TM in Haskell

 lib   Leveraging the VTA-TVM Hardware-Software Stack for FPGA Acceleration of 8-bit ResNet-18 Inference

 lib   Lift: A Functional Data-Parallel IR for High-Performance GPU Code Generation

 lib   Lightweight detection of cache conflicts

 lib   Lightweight Hardware Transactional Memory Profiling

 lib   Making Pull-Based Graph Processing Performant

 lib   May-happen-in-parallel analysis with static vector clocks

 lib   MILEPOST GCC: machine learning based research compiler

 lib   Milepost GCC: Machine Learning Enabled Self-tuning Compiler

 lib   Mitosis: Transparently Self-Replicating Page-Tables for Large-Memory Machines

 lib   MOD: Minimally Ordered Durable Datastructures for Persistent Memory

 lib   Multi-objective autotuning of MobileNets across the full software/hardware stack

 lib   nAdroid: statically detecting ordering violations in Android applications

 lib   Noise-Aware Dynamical System Compilation for Analog Devices with Legno

 lib   Occlum: Secure and Efficient Multitasking Inside a Single Enclave of Intel SGX

 lib   Optimal DNN primitive selection with partitioned boolean quadratic programming

 lib   Optimistic Loop Optimization

 lib   Optimizing Deep Learning Workloads on ARM GPU with TVM

 lib   Optimizing DNN Computation with Relaxed Graph Substitutions

 lib   Optimizing N-dimensional, winograd-based convolution for manycore CPUs

 lib   Optimizing Word2Vec Performance on Multicore Systems

 lib   Orbital Edge Computing: Nanosatellite Constellations as a New Class of Computer System

 lib   PAM: Parallel Augmented Maps

 lib   Peacenik: Architecture Support for Not Failing under Fail-Stop Memory Consistency

 lib   Perspective: A Sensible Approach to Speculative Automatic Parallelization

 lib   Poker: permutation-based SIMD execution of intensive tree search by path encoding

 lib   Privacy-Preserving Bandits

 lib   Proactive Work Stealing for Futures

 lib   Pronto: Easy and Fast Persistence for Volatile Data Structures

 lib   QTLS: high-performance TLS asynchronous offload framework with IntelĀ® QuickAssist technology

 lib   Quantum Circuits for Dynamic Runtime Assertions in Quantum Computation

 lib   Qubit allocation

 lib   Real-Time Image Recognition Using Collaborative IoT Devices

 lib   Register Optimizations for Stencils on GPUs

 lib   Reliable Timekeeping for Intermittent Computing

 lib   Reproducible Containers

 lib   SAC: A Co-Design Cache Algorithm for Emerging SMR-based High-Density Disks

 lib   Safecracker: Leaking Secrets through Compressed Caches

 lib   Semantics-Aware Scheduling Policies for Synchronization Determinism

 lib   SEP-Graph: Finding Shortest Execution Paths for Graph Processing under a Hybrid Framework on GPU

 lib   SGXElide: enabling enclave code secrecy via self-modification

 lib   SIMD intrinsics on managed language runtimes

 lib   Software Mitigation of Crosstalk on Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computers

 lib   Software Prefetching for Indirect Memory Accesses

 lib   Stretching the capacity of Hardware Transactional Memory in IBM POWER architectures

 lib   swSpTRSV: a Fast Sparse Triangular Solve with Sparse Level Tile Layout on Sunway Architectures

 lib   Synthesizing an instruction selection rule library from semantic specifications

 lib   The Guardian Council: Parallel Programmable Hardware Security

 lib   Time-sensitive Intermittent Computing Meets Legacy Software

 lib   Understanding the Downstream Instability of Word Embeddings

 lib   VerifiedFT: a verified, high-performance precise dynamic race detector

 lib   Why GPUs are Slow at Executing NFAs and How to Make them Faster