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 lib   Invariant-equivariant representation learning for multi-class data

 lib   Investigating Speech Recognition for Improving Predictive AAC

 lib   Investigating the interaction between gradient-only line searches and different activation functions

 lib   Investment Ranking Challenge: Identifying the best performing stocks based on their semi-annual returns

 lib   Is Deep Learning Safe for Robot Vision? Adversarial Examples against the iCub Humanoid

 lib   Is preprocessing of text really worth your time for online comment classification?

 lib   Iterative and Adaptive Sampling with Spatial Attention for Black-Box Model Explanations

 lib   Iterative Reorganization with Weak Spatial Constraints: Solving Arbitrary Jigsaw Puzzles for Unsupervised Representation Learning

 lib   JCLext: A Java Tool for Compiling Finite-State Transducers from Full-Form Lexicons

 lib   Joint Color-Spatial-Directional clustering and Region Merging (JCSD-RM) for unsupervised RGB-D image segmentation

 lib   Joint Lemmatization and Morphological Tagging with Lemming

 lib   Joint Sentence-Document Model for Manifesto Text Analysis

 lib   Jointly Adversarial Network to Wavelength Compensation and Dehazing of Underwater Images

 lib   Judge the Judges: A Large-Scale Evaluation Study of Neural Language Models for Online Review Generation

 lib   Kernel functions based on triplet comparisons

 lib   Kernel Meets Sieve: Post-Regularization Confidence Bands for Sparse Additive Model

 lib   Knowledge Extraction with No Observable Data

 lib   Knowledge Flow: Improve Upon Your Teachers

 lib   Knowledge Hypergraphs: Prediction Beyond Binary Relations

 lib   Knowledgeable Storyteller: A Commonsense-Driven Generative Model for Visual Storytelling

 lib   KnowNER: Incremental Multilingual Knowledge in Named Entity Recognition

 lib   KPTransfer: improved performance and faster convergence from keypoint subset-wise domain transfer in human pose estimation

 lib   Kullback-Leibler Divergence-Based Fuzzy $C$-Means Clustering Incorporating Morphological Reconstruction and Wavelet Frames for Image Segmentation

 lib   Lane Detection For Prototype Autonomous Vehicle

 lib An Off-the-shelf Language Identification Tool

 lib   Language Modeling Teaches You More Syntax than Translation Does: Lessons Learned Through Auxiliary Task Analysis

 lib   Language Processing Infrastructure in the XLike Project

 lib   Latent-Space Laplacian Pyramids for Adversarial Representation Learning with 3D Point Clouds

 lib   Layered TPOT: Speeding up Tree-based Pipeline Optimization

 lib   Learning binary or real-valued time-series via spike-timing dependent plasticity

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